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I am Dick Regnery, the caretaker of The Ewe Turn. My wife Gretchen rcrand I have been the owners of Whitefish Bay Farm, in the Town of Sevastopol, in Door County, Wisconsin since 1983. In reality, we are caretakers for the land and for a flock of Corriedale sheep. The land was first settled by Europeans in 1904 and has been farmed continuously since then. Ours is the first flock of sheep on the farm; the flock was established in 1990. We also look after a bed and breakfast and an art gallery. Amongst other things, I am a weaver and Gretchen is a spinner. The little gal next to me was my good friend Nanoo Nanoo. (She was also an accomplished writer and sometime contributor to The Ewe Turn.) Both of us were a bit younger when this picture was taken! Sadly, Nanoo Nanoo passed away in 2012. Her apprentice, Brie, is working her way up to being the new sheep contributor.

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