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Running to Catch up…As Usual

Lots of things are going on at the farm and I am guilty of not getting around to writing about them. Hopefully I will get a bit caught up here. Perhaps shortly down the road, I will be able to … Continue reading

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Fleeces…Yes, Spring…?

Oh how we have struggled trying to cope with a slow, questionable spring! Since shearing it has been cool (often cold) and damp. We have had rain, snow, some ice, lots of wind and occasional sunny days. Despite the calendar … Continue reading

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Sheared…One More Time

Shearing was completed a couple of days ago. It has just taken us (the shearing crew and the flock) a couple of days to catch our collective breaths. We were lucky this year to have relatively warm weather for both … Continue reading

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Almost Ready for Shearing

A crazy winter seems to be roaring past us. It has been very cold and icy. It has also been very warm and sunny. Life up in the house has been alternately quiet and busy. Early on, we managed to … Continue reading

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Gretchen is Dyeing…Again

It is now September and in certain ways we seem to have turned the corner and entered the beginnings of fall. Bird and butterfly migrations have begun. In other ways we seemed to be stuck in summer. It remains warm … Continue reading

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