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It is Shearing Time Again

I am currently confined to the house by bad weather. Actually the storm has proven to be less catastrophic than predicted. It was supposed to be a blizzard, with 8 to 14 inches of snow and 40 mph winds. The … Continue reading

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Awash in Color

It is nearing the middle of December and we have yet to experience any measurable snow fall at the farm. In a strange sense, I feel personally responsible. Last month we decided that we should purchase a new snow blower. … Continue reading

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Fleece, Lambs and Life

It is amazing how two people, simultaneously subjected to nasty colds, can totally cease to be productive. In a nut shell, that describes what over a month of late winter has been like at Whitefish Bay Farm. Our operation was … Continue reading

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Searching for Spring

It has been a while since the last lambs were born. The good news is that they all are healthy and growing. Even their moms appear to be recovering some of their condition despite having to produce excessive amounts of … Continue reading

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Turning the corner…I hope

As of today, the 8th of March, I am a bit hopeful that we have finally begun (barely) to throw off the iron grip of winter. For the second day in a row, the temperature has climbed above freezing during … Continue reading

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