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Spring Turnout

I suppose that it is time for us to return to the outside world. Recently there have been rumblings of discontent from the barn. The popular notion has been that everyone there has become inpatient to get out onto pasture … Continue reading

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Clean Coats

The seasons here have been so late and slow to develop. First, our spring was delayed, cool and wet. Plants did not seem to want to germinate or grow. By the time we reached summer on the calendar things were … Continue reading

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It has been Hot

As in so much of this country, the last couple of weeks here has been much warmer than normal. Luckily for us, living on a relatively narrow spit of land, which sticks out into a very large lake, usually has … Continue reading

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Lambing Chronicles – 2nd Edition

Thursday, March 8: Yesterday passed without any additional births. At this point we are waiting on Unabella, Waffle and Zinnia. Winifred will join the “due pool” tomorrow. The two sets of twins are doing well. All four had good, solid … Continue reading

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Searching for Green

A number of folks have asked about the large drifts of snow from our big storm of the last week of March and whether they have since melted away. The good news is that over about a two week period … Continue reading

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