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Still Here…On Pasture

Special Note from the Flock’s Council of Elders: As a reader of┬áThe Ewe Turn, you may have noticed recently that the blog was not available for a few days. Hopefully, the problems have been corrected. Unfortunately, Brie’s last post from … Continue reading

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Gretchen is Dyeing…Again

It is now September and in certain ways we seem to have turned the corner and entered the beginnings of fall. Bird and butterfly migrations have begun. In other ways we seemed to be stuck in summer. It remains warm … Continue reading

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Summer Heat and Moisture

Summer is hanging on tendentiously at the farm. Some of the earlier days were just too hot and humid to risk field work. We managed to find pastures for the sheep in which they could either find shade and/or cooling … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts While Haying

June and early July have been an interesting challenge for cutting, raking and baling hay. While May had been dangerously dry, June made up for it with a vengeance. During June we recorded 14 separate storms with measurable rain ranging … Continue reading

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It is Shearing Time Again

I am currently confined to the house by bad weather. Actually the storm has proven to be less catastrophic than predicted. It was supposed to be a blizzard, with 8 to 14 inches of snow and 40 mph winds. The … Continue reading

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