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Lambing in 2009 – Week 1

Today, the 18th of March, marks the eighth day that the ewes at Whitefish Bay Farm have been lambing. So far life has been going very well for all concerned: sheep, lambs and shepherds. Appropriately, our first lamb, Winter, was … Continue reading

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Big Barn Update

I see that the folks up at the “house” are telling everyone that they have been ever so busy, what with dyeing, shearing and the like. I guess that it is time for me to set things straight again. I … Continue reading

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Shearing is over

It is difficult to believe, yet it has been a week since we finished shearing the flock. So much happened in preparation for the two day event that it now seems a blur. In two days 126 sheep were shorn. … Continue reading

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One final taste of Avocados

Life has taken a busier turn for us. As a result, the latest news has now become a little old. We completed our avocado dyeing project quite a while ago. An account of the results were temporarily pushed aside by … Continue reading

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