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Lambing 2010 – Week 2

Today, March 24th, we begin the third week of lambing. The first two weeks have continued to go relatively well. The number of ewes lambing each day has slowed during the second week. The ewes seem to have taken pity … Continue reading

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A Week into Lambing

Today, March the 18th, is the ninth day of lambing at Whitefish Bay Farm for 2010. The rate of labor and delivery has slowed a bit. Hopefully I can get this entry completed before the day is over and before … Continue reading

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Nanoo Nanoo is Back!

Hej ovine fans! It has been a while, but finally I have returned. It took me a lot less time to get over my ear infection than it took the old bearded guy to fix his foot. But I have … Continue reading

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