Nanoo Nanoo here.Nanoo Nanoo

Yes, it does look as if I finally have gotten into this blog! So, you may be asking, who the heck is writing this? Let me give you some background and then perhaps you will better understand. I am not that old, bearded shepherd guy who usually writes here. He and his wife, the nice lady, live up at the other barn. (He calls the place “The House”…kind of a strange name, but we try to humor the guy.) I am one of the sheep who live at Whitefish Bay Farm. It being the dead of winter, I currently am spending my time in the big barn with my family and my buddies. When we heard that there was going to be a blog coming from the farm, we figured that it was time that we had some direct, unedited input. We need to make absolutely sure that our side is being fairly and honestly represented.

In order to achieve our goal we had to hack into the old guy’s computer. It was not easy, but then we are a lot smarter than humans give us credit. How’d we do it? Every year when lambing time rolls around the old guy sets up the baby monitor in the barn so that they can listen in on us without spending all their time down here. For a few evenings, when the people were sleeping, one of my geeky cousins and I re-wired the monitor so that it also acts as a Wi Fi antenna and terminal. With that installed and a bit of educated sleuthing we managed to hack into the old guy’s computer. So here we are with online access. Once we were successful, the bunch of us set out to keep the world up to date with the truth about how this place really operates.

In the past, the old guy had enlisted my help in writing a few newsletters. A few years ago I even wrote the Christmas letter from the farm. After agreeing to wear this hooky Santa hat, I even got my picture published with that holiday greeting. Since I now have some literary background, the rest of the girls here in the barn elected me to write the blog entries. Over the coming weeks I will endeavor to introduce you to as many of the members of the flock as possible. If I can find them on the old guy’s computer I will also include a picture or two of each of us, since we still have not been able to scrounge up our own digital camera. (Queso has been trying to work out an exchange for such a camera with the old guy’s brother, but that is still in the works.)

I suppose that I should start by formally introducing myself. The name they gave me is Nanoo Nanoo. That means that I was born in the “N” year, which most of you know as 2002. Each year the shepherds use a different letter of the alphabet to name all the lambs. They claim it makes it easier for them to remember how old we all are. I think it is just because they are numerically challenged. My mom is Mindy (she had a cousin named Mork) and my dad was Mercury. I was pretty cute when I was born. This picture is of me with the old guy when I was just a few weeks old. (Notice how he tries to hog the center of the picture!) Back then my fleece was a lovely light, variegated gray color. Now that I am older, I have become a much lighter gray. A couple of years ago the nice lady kept my fleece for spinning, rather than sell it. I think she is still spinning and knitting with it. The old guy may even be weaving with some of the yarn from my fleece. Over the last six years I have given birth to seven lambs. The shepherds tell me I do a very good job in labor and delivery. I know that I am an excellent mother. All of my daughters have remained with the flock, they are Pookie, Toodles and VaVaVoom. In just about two months I will be lambing again. However, I am not telling whether I am going to have a single or twins! I tend to be very friendly when B&B guests come around to visit and I have taught my daughters to behave that way too. We figure we need to help the shepherds out any way we can with public relations. I will admit that they take pretty good care of us.

And by the way…I managed to get this nice service set up on the blog. If you want to receive e-mail alerts whenever I write something just click on the phrase “Subscribe to Ewe Turn by E-mail” and tell these guys where you wish the alert mailed.

That should wrap up my first independent venture into cyberspace. I should be back in a while with some interesting stuff about some of the other members of the flock.