I suspect that many of you have been wondering what I have been up to for the last few weeks. After all, for quite a while the old bearded shepherd guy has been hogging most of Ewe Turn space. I figured I would let him get away with that, since most of what he has written was directly related to the flock. At least, for once he has gotten his priorities straight.

You may well then ask what I, Nanoo Nanoo, have been occupied with for the last few weeks. As you probably remember, this is my first spring in which I did not have a lamb. I kind of missed it, but then again it has been pretty nice just taking it easy with the rest of my retired buddies. We at least have gotten to witness and, in some cases, help with all of the births. Best of all, with the new scheme, after the lambs are born I don’t have to do all the rest of the work. I know, that really takes a lot out of you as a mom! But, I digress….

Few of you are aware that the flock at Whitefish Bay Farm is actually a multifaceted enterprise. One of our branches is Baa Baa Doo Press, of which I am editor-in-chief. Over the last few months, while many of the ewes were occupied with the gestation of their lambs, I have been helping the grumpy old shepherd guy with a “gestation” of his own.

As editor-in-chief of Baa Baa Doo Press, I am please to announce our first publication, The Ruminations of a Grumpy Shepherd. As you probably guessed, the author is the old shepherd guy. He has collected together essays about life on this farm since he came here 27 years ago. He has written those pieces over the last 14 years. Now he has combined them into a book. He will never admit it, but I actually did a lot of ghost writing for him on the project. (We all know that he needs lots of help!) But I will give him credit, since a lot of it was written prior to my birth. I was at least able to get a few of my own literary gems incorporated into the book.Cover of "Ruminations of a Grumpy Shepherd"

As part of my duties as editor, I have the task of shamelessly promoting the publication. The book is printed both as a paperback and a hardcover. The old shepherd guy and the nice lady will have some of the paperbacks to sell at the farm. If you wish to order a copy it is better to go directly to our printer. They do a better job of packaging than the old guy will ever manage and the cost will be the same.

If you wish to purchase the paperback click on this link. The cost is $19.95 plus shipping.

If you wish to purchase the hardcover (my personal favorite) go to this link. The cost is $27.50 plus shipping.

So do the old guy a favor and buy his book. It will make him feel good. It is his first and, probably, only opus. He is too shy to do his own publicity so I will continue to handle it. Oh, and did I mention there are photos of us sheep and even one with the old guy and me together? What more can you ask?

Thanks, Nanoo Nanoo