It is nearing the middle of December and we have yet to experience any measurable snow fall at the farm. In a strange sense, I feel personally responsible. Last month we decided that we should purchase a new snow blower. The old John Deere was sending multiple messages that it might refuse to cooperate if confronted with a major snow storm this winter. So now a nice clean, shiny Husqvarna snow thrower sits quietly in the garage, totally bored with inactivity. Had we stayed with the old blower, we certainly would have experienced multiple blizzards by now!

The lack of snow would not be too difficult to cope with if we could, at least, enjoy just a bit of sunshine. Sadly that has not been the case. At least we had the foresight to bring a good bit of bright color into the house this winter. Normally, when we close the Gallery in October, any unsold yarn that we do not plan to use over winter, just goes into storage until spring. This winter we have had enough requests to sell yarn that we decided to bring our yarn into the house. The yarn racks will spend the winter in the commons area of the B&B, where they flank my smaller Louet floor loom. As a result, I am lucky enough to be surrounded by bright, natural colors as I weave.

Winter yarn shop

The project on the loom, that is just about finished, is the last of a series of scarves, woven in a deflected double weave pattern. As always, I am using yarn, spun from the wool from our sheep. For this scarf, all of the yarn has been dyed by Gretchen using natural dyes (in this case indigo and mustard flowers).

Deflected double weave scarfIt may be temporary, but this at least is a solution for a lack sunshine. It is always a pleasure weaving while accompanied by such light.

If you happen to be in need of light, color and yarn, and you happen to be in the neighborhood, just stop by. We will be open all winter and early spring. We are open by appointment or just by happenstance.

P.S. The new snow thrower is eager to clear away any snow that may otherwise impede your trip to Whitefish Bay Farm!