Colored Corriedale Fleeces for Sale

 Our 2021 fleeces have all been sold


Listed below are all of our colored fleeces that were shorn in 2021 that are for sale. Our white fleeces are listed on a separate page: White Fleeces. For instructions for ordering fleeces return to our Fleeces Page.

Technical note: It may be necessary to “reload/refresh” this page on your browser to see the most recent edition, as this page will be frequently updated during the days that the fleeces are first for sale. We also know some Internet Service Providers will cache pages that you look at frequently, to give the illusion of faster download speed. To force your ISP to refresh the page, you may have to use “Shift+refresh/reload”, “Crtl+refresh/reload” or “Ctrl+F5”.

We describe our colored fleeces by shades. Below is a list of the terms we use, beginning with the darkest shade and ending in the lightest:

Jet Black
Black (in a small portion of the fleece there may be beginning signs of gray)
Dark Charcoal
Charcoal Gray
Medium Gray
Pewter Gray (a medium gray with a blue tinge)
Silver Gray
Light Gray
Pale Gray
Vanilla Gray (almost white)

A description of some of our terms may be helpful:

Variegated – The fleece will consist of different shades of white, gray and/or black which blend in with each other across the fleece.

Dappled – A fleece with a base shade, usually a lighter gray with smaller flecks or spots of darker gray or black peppered across the fleece.

Spotted – Distinct large spots of solid colors spread across the fleece either on a solid base or equally distributed in two or more shades.

Bi-Colored – Two distinct colors, easily separated to give two shades for spinning. The first color listed is the dominant color, the second color is in smaller volume.


SheepWeight (lbs)CharacteristicsPrice (U.S. $)
Æbleskiver3.88Extra Fine - Silver Gray to Pale Gray Variegated$77.60 - SOLD
Allspice4.5Very Fine - Pale Gray to Vanilla Gray Variegated$90.00 - SOLD
Annabel3.88Very Fine - Silver Gray & Pale Gray Bi-Color$73.72 - SOLD
Ariel4.75Very Fine - Silver Gray $95.00 - SOLD
Aries3.75Fine - Black & Dark Charcoal Gray Bi-color$67.50 - SOLD
Artemisia3Extra Fine - Vanilla Gray $60.00 - SOLD
Astrid4.75Very Fine - Medium Gray to Light Gray Variegated$95.00 - SOLD
Azalea4Classic - Vanilla Gray $68.00 - SOLD
Beanie3.38Very Fine - Pewter Gray to Light Gray Variegated$73.72 - SOLD
Becky5Very Fine - Pale Gray to Vanilla Gray Variegated$95.00 - SOLD
Bessie4.5Extra Fine - Medium Gray to Silver Gray Variegated$90.00 - SOLD
Blossom4.88Fine - Charcoal Gray$97.60 - SOLD
Brie5.75Extra Fine - Silver Gray to Pale Gray Variegated$115.00 - SOLD
Calamity Jane4.75Very Fine - Medium Blue-Gray to Light Gray Variegated$99.75 - SOLD
Carolyn4.13Fine - Medium Gray, Pewter Gray to Pale Gray Variegated$88.73 - SOLD
Cecily6Fine - Medium Gray to Pale Gray Variegated$108.00 - SOLD
Cha Cha3.88Extra Fine - Silver Gray to Pale Gray Variegated$77.60 - SOLD
Cherie5.38Extra Fine - Charcoal Gray to Medium Gray Variegated$107.60 - SOLD
Chimichanga4.88Very Fine - Dark Gray, Medium Gray to Pale Gray Variegated$97.60 - SOLD
Cinnabun5.75Extra Fine - Charcoal Gray to Medium Gray Variegated$120.75 - SOLD
Colette7.25Very Fine - Charcoal Gray, Medium Gray to Pale Gray Variegated$137.75 - SOLD
Conchita4.25Fine - Charcoal Gray to Silver Gray Variegated$76.50 - SOLD
Cupcake3.5Extra Fine - Silver Gray to Vanilla Gray Variegated$70.00 - SOLD
Dana4.5Extra Fine - Vanilla Gray $90.00 - SOLD
Denise5Very Fine - Black$105.00 - SOLD
Dominique4.88Extra Fine - Pewter Blue-Gray to Pale Gray Variegated$102.48 - SOLD
Diva4.25Fine - Charcoal Gray, Silver Gray to Pale Gray Variegated$76.50 - SOLD
Va Va Voom3.75Very Fine - Vanilla Gray$71.25 - SOLD
Velveeta3Very Fine - Vanilla Gray$57.00 - SOLD
Vespera3.63Very Fine - Silver Gray to Pale Gray Variegated$68.97 - SOLD
Viola3.63Extra Fine - Silver Gray to pale Gray Variegated$68.97 - SOLD
Wanetta4.13Fine - Silver Gray to Pale Gray Variegated$74.34 - SOLD
Warp3.63Extra Fine - Medium Gray, Silver Gray to Pale Gray Variegated$72.60 - SOLD
Widget2.88Extra Fine - Pale Gray & Vanilla Gray Dappled$57.60 - SOLD
Willeta5.25Fine - Medium Gray, Silver Gray to Pale Gray Variegated$99.75 - SOLD
Winkie4Very Fine - Silver Gray to Pale Gray Variegated$76.00 - SOLD
Wizzbang2.38Extra Fine - Pale Gray $42.84 - SOLD
Woolamena3.25Fine - Medium Gray to Pale Gray Variegated$58.50 - SOLD
Yo Yo Baa5.75Very Fine - Silver & White Spotted$120.75 - SOLD
Yuliya4.13Very Fine - Silver Gray to Pale Gray Variegated with Blue Tinge$86.73 - SOLD
Zita2.75Extra Fine - Vanilla Gray $55.00 - SOLD
Zuzanna2.38Very Fine - Pale Taupe $45.22 - SOLD

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