The old shepherd guy seems to be busy (again) moving snow here and there. In the mean time, he does not seem able to finish his drawn out tale about weaving. As a result, the Ewe Turn seems to be stagnating. I guess that it is about time that we try to liven things up for you.

Hi folks, it is Brie, your faithful, but reluctant ovine correspondent. Winter seems to be dragging on here. For lack of anything better to do, a bunch of us dusted off Queso’s camera. We managed to get it charged up and working again. A few days ago we took what we though were some nice images outside the barn. You need to understand that we spend a lot of time dreaming about green pastures just outside the barn doors. Unfortunately, every time we look out the door all we see is snow, melting snow, and then brown stubble.

Actually, we have had some days when we cannot even look out the top of the dutch doors in the barn. The old guy has closed them up a few times. In reality, it was a pretty nice thing for him to do, since we have had a couple of snow storms with strong east winds. When that occurs, if the doors are open, we get a ton of snow blowing into our otherwise dry and comfy home. About a week ago for a change we did have a very quiet and peaceful snow overnight. Without any wind, the snow did not blow into the barn and just stayed wherever it landed. The only place that it did not want to stay put was on the metal barn roof. Even early in the morning we were getting miniature avalanches off the roof.

Snow on the barn Here you can see that one has already happen at the end of the barn and a whole bunch more is getting ready. The old shepherd just gets grumpier every time another one slides off; they seem to always cover up some place he just shoveled clear.

Snow on a crab apple tree

Maybe this picture will help show how the snow just stayed on every branch of each tree, in this case one of the crab apples. That big drift to the left is from an earlier storm. It is up against the annex where the rams get to stay. Below is our view outside the dutch doors on the east side of the barn. The snow has not yet started to slide off the roof when we took these shots, but it is here now, right in front of the doors.

Snow behind the barnIf you are a lover of bucolic scenes, this is what it looked like to the east.

Snow on the ash treeFor most of us this is a pretty view, but try picturing this if it were GREEN! That would be a whole bunch better! This is our pasture, the one the old grumpy guy so poetically calls pasture #1. (I shouldn’t pick on the guy too much; he does seem to have a lot on his plate for such an old geezer).

Snow on pasture #1So there you have it folks, the latest news from the barn. We had a snow storm yesterday and the old guy is out cleaning up again, so we should be able to hack into his computer and get this posted. We hope you find this more interesting than the other stuff.

Respectfully submitted on behalf of the entire flock. Brie