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Whitefish Bay Farm, Sturgeon Bay, Door County, Wisconsin

Autumn Harvests

Autumn has definitely arrived at Whitefish Bay Farm. Temperatures have cooled down slowly. We have toyed with frosts on a couple of mornings, but not seriously enough to end the growing seasons of any plants. More significantly, we have experienced frequent and...

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Foggy Morning Grazing

Since I last wrote, weather conditions have changed drastically, in our case all for the better. After nearly two very hot months without rain, it finally rained seriously during the last week in August and the first week in September. During that period at the farm...

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Herding Skunks and Searching for Rain

At Whitefish Bay Farm we are not immune to the extremes of weather which seem to be hammering much of the planet. While we are not suffering the extreme heat and drought that has plagued much of Europe, including my friends in Denmark, we are undergoing what is...

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Meeting Midsummer Head On

It is definitely the middle of summer here at Whitefish Bay Farm. Signs of the season seem to be everywhere. Temperatures and humidity have been high for a number of weeks. Our Barn Swallows are in the midst of fledging their second brood of young with great noise and...

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It’s a Slow Start, but We Made it

Tuesday, May 22nd, 6:30 AM. It is foggy and very damp. Overnight it rained lightly, adding to the moisture. Yesterday the waterline to the pastures was pressurized (successfully) for the first time in 2018. The previous day the four pastures closest to the barn...

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Upcoming Events

* Sheep shearing, early March

* Online Fleece Sale, mid-April. Contact us to be on the mailing list for immediate updates

* The Bed & Breakfast is permanently closed

* Whitefish Bay Farm Gallery is permanently closed;

*Our fiber products are now offered on our Mercantile Page