Yesterday the old bearded shepherd guy said to me, “Nanoo Nanoo, what do you and the rest of the girls think about getting out onto pasture today?” Needless to say, I hardly had to take any poll; it was a unanimous and resounding “YES“. As a result, the old guy and the nice lady arranged for us to take all the lambs with us and head out to pasture for the first time this year. Were we ever glad about that, although, I must admit that many of us were not too lady-like in our rush to get out the door. It was also the first time that all of us girls were together this year, as the old guy kindly let last year’s ewe lambs join us for the festivities. The only ones who could not join us were the rams, but that was just as well, knowing how rams are!

Second day on pasture

Today is now our second day on pasture. I am proud to say that nearly all of this year’s lambs were pretty quick to figure out that going outside was not as spooky as they sometimes think it is. Maybe in a day or so the old grump will not even have to chase after the stragglers to make sure they stay up with us. It is quite a sight all of us together. There are 207 of us adults and lambs all in the group. Fresh grass, clover and trefoil never tastes better than it does on these first few days outside. We are in the first pasture, working our way south. Tomorrow we will be under most of the apple trees. Everything is so early this year, even the apples are starting to bloom. Today were were happy to greet the first Bobolinks back to the farm. Three males serenaded us all morning, either flying high above us or perched at the very top of the couple of ash trees that border the western edge of the first pasture. It is always nice to have music while we graze. We look forward to the days we graze in the pasture next to the big hay field when the Bobolinks can sit on the fence posts next to us and regale us with tales of their winter in South American.



Besides getting us out onto pasture the shepherds have been busy the last few days. The Bed and Breakfast has been open for the season since the beginning of May. This morning was the first day that we had visitors from the B&B on pasture. It is always fun seeing old and new faces (and getting a few extra chin rubs to boot!).

The big push this week is getting the farm ready for the annual Shepherds’ Market. It is taking place next Saturday and Sunday. It is an excellent chance to see what can be done with our wool and the fibers from our cousins the angora goats, llamas and alpacas. In addition you can purchase lots of fiber, yarn and finish items; the proceeds from which goes to support all of us. I would be remiss if I did not also remind you that the old shepherd guy’s book, Ruminations a Grumpy Shepherd, will be for sale at the Market. (I need to talk to the old guy, he forgets to plug our work and instead just writes about morels and asparagus!)

Yo Yo Baa and friends waiting for the Shepherds' Market

Yo Yo Baa and friends waiting for the Shepherds’ Market

Queso and I, along with all the girls and their lambs will probably be in the forth pasture those days. It is just down the hill from the gallery building, so we should be able to send you a greeting across the pasture if you happen to stop by the Market this weekend. I hope we see lots of you!