It is New Year’s Eve and high time that I get back to my loyal and faithful readers. As you have probably already surmised this is Nanoo Nanoo writing. My apologies for being absent for so long, but I have my reasons.

It has been a heck of an ending for this old year. For the last few days I have been recovering from having a small chunk of hay stuck in my left ear. (That is why it has taken me so long to get back online!) It took those old shepherds long enough to notice my discomfort! At least once I started to let that ear droop a bit they finally got tuned into the problem. They managed to get the straw removed on Christmas Day and then watched for a couple of days to see if I acted better. I improved a bit, but not enough. So they called the large animal veterinarians. (I think it is sort of cool that I am a “large animal”!) The nice man they call Joel came to visit. He has been here before, so we sort of know him. Too bad that he cannot just come to visit instead of waiting until one of us is sick. It was not too much fun to have him pour all this goop into my ear and then wipe it all out. We repeated that a couple of times and then for good measure they put some sort of creamy stuff in my ear, gave me a shot to make me feel better and then left. I did not hear him tell the shepherds that they had to repeat all that stuff (except the shot) for two more days, but they did.

In a way it was nice to get all that special treatment. I got my own private quarters, complete with my own feeder and individual water bucket. I even got extra treats. I was able to share all the news with my flock mates, as they were all right next to me. But eventually I did miss being able to rub shoulders with all of them. This morning the old grumpy shepherd said I looked much better. (I could have told him that if he had just asked!) So they let me out with the rest of the girls. I hope that is the last of all that stuff in my ear. I have had better year endings that is for sure. At least I am on the mend. I wish I could say the same for the old grumpy guy.

For a while right after all the breeding groups returned to the barn old bearded guy seemed to be absent. The nice lady, along with a friend who we all know, took care of us . We started to figure the old guy was on a trip way beyond the trees, like he took last fall. But then he started showing up briefly. He has got this big clunky boot on his right foot and does not walk very well. Finally we found out from the gals that were in Ulmer’s breeding group that back in the middle of November Ulmer let him have it when he was not looking. After that is when we saw nothing of him. Well, he is finally back in the barn for chores, but he lets the nice lady do all the harder stuff. We heard them telling the vet that he has a severe high ankle sprain and they are not sure when he will be back to “normal”. Of course we all know that he was never “normal” in the first place, so what else is new?

I am not much into human medicine, but I find it hard to believe that a sprained ankle affects a shepherd’s brain, but it seems that it does. (Maybe that is where his brain is located!) Nonetheless the old guy has not written much for the blog and seems far from being ready to get back to that job. So, I am trying to fill in for him too. He does seem to do more work around the barn, but still not what he used to do. At least he is not bringing those flashy crutches down here any longer. I believe that he is not getting out much either; too bad, since we have had such lovely snow here all winter. I cannot find any new photos on his computer, so I cannot share any outdoor views with all of you. I will have to get Queso working on some pictures of us for next time. Because of the snow we are all inside the barn now so it is hard to tell what is going on out in our pastures. We have had the deer come up to our back door a few nights, but they will tell us nothing (they are a bunch of snobs!). They are just looking for a handout. I guess we will just have to wait until the windows are not frosted over before we get a good view outside.

Well there you have it. At least I am back on the job again (unlike one old grump we know). I will endeavor to keep everyone abreast of the news from Whitefish Bay Farm as we start another year. Peace to everyone in the New Year! Or as the grumpy old guy says: “Godt nyt år!