Welcome to Ewe Turn, the blog for Whitefish Bay Farm. Blogs are not new to the internet, but this is our first effort. We can be rather certain that this is the first blog for a Bed and Breakfast in Door County, Wisconsin, and also one of very few blogs from a B&B/flock of Corriedale sheep/Art Gallery. In future entries we hope to keep up to date with  activities at Whitefish Bay Farm. As opportunities allow we also will share pictures from around the farm (and perhaps elsewhere!).

Hopefully this blog will run more smoothly than current operations around the barn. It is cold here and once again we have snow. The auger from the grain bin into the barn is frozen up at the moment. So, if you happen to hear loud complaints this evening from our direction, it will undoubtedly be from the sheep. They do not want to be deprived of their treats!

I should be off to work on the auger. At the least I can share the view looking out toward the pastures.

New Snow at Farm