My apologies for a lack of updates from the lambing barn. We are experiencing major problems with our internet service provider. I cannot make any inputs to our website or the Ewe Turn blog from our computers while at the farm. Right now I am sitting outside the Door County Coffee & Tea Company in Carlsville, successfully using their WiFi. I am at least able to make entries to the blog. However I have completely lost the most recent edition of Lambing Chronicles before I could publish it. Hopefully I will be able to redo it sometime.

Unfortunately we are not able to receive or send e-mail from this location or from home. Those of you who have tried to e-mail us yesterday (Tuesday, March 27th) or more recently, you will need to wait until we get back online, or you should telephone us. I will post something to the blog if and when our problems are resolved.

I have no idea when we will be back to normal. This problem could not have come at a worst time for us, since our primary concern is the welfare of our pregnant ewes and the newborn lambs. I was at least lucky enough to get away for these few minutes, a luxury I may not have for a while.