Thursday, March 8: Yesterday passed without any additional births. At this point we are waiting on Unabella, Waffle and Zinnia. Winifred will join the “due pool” tomorrow. The two sets of twins are doing well. All four had good, solid weight gains over the last 24 hours, especially little Bianca, who is doing her best to catch up with the other three, weight wise. All four received their lamb ear tags yesterday along with having their tails docked. Docking at about 48 hours of ages works so well. At that age the degree of discomfort is minimal, at worst, or non-existent . This afternoon their moms get fitted for jackets and will have their hooves trimmed. We are currently not pressed for jug space so the two family groups will probably get a day or two extra in their jugs before moving out into a mixing pen. Since all four lambs are a bit smaller than normal, this will give them an extra day to grow without other distractions. It also gives their moms a chance to get their milk production cranked up.



Bunny finally consented to having her picture taken. She has already become too friendly, i.e. she insists on getting closer to the camera. So here she is, complete with blue flash reflection and moving out of focus.

Today is a significant date on the birth calendar. Today in 1996 Hope was born. She has witnessed an awful lot of lambings since then, including 14 of her own.

Quality control sampler. It is a tough job but Hope is up to it.

Hope, the quality control sampler. It is a tough job but Hope is up to it.

Happy sweet sixteen Hoper!