1 August 2012 –

Hello everyone, this is Queso writing. It has been a difficult summer for all of us in the flock. I should have tried to write something, but you probably remember that I am not much with words. That is where Nanoo Nanoo was so skillful. The flock elders have gotten  together a number of times to discuss the situation and how it has limited our communication with the rest of the sheep world. Finally, I think we have come to a solution. First let me try to bring all of you up to date as best I can.

As I think the old shepherd guy has already described, it has been very hot and very dry. It has not been the most comfortable of summers for us. In addition to the adverse weather, we have also had to deal with a number of painful losses. As you know Nanoo Nanoo has died. Shortly after her demise we lost a number of senior flock members. Lots of us are getting on in years, but in the space of just over a month the four oldest members of the flock passed on. Hope, Kassia, Luscious and Mindy have all passed away. They were all old, but we somehow never expected their passing. It is still very difficult leaving the barn every morning and knowing that those five are not coming with us.

These losses left us without anyone to speak up for us. Us old gals just don’t have that knack for writing. So, we have finally come up with a solution that we hope my work for all of us. We talked with all of the youngsters and explained the situation. It took a while, but we finally got someone to volunteer to become our spokes-sheep. I have offered to continue taking pictures. As I am about written out, let me introduce Brie.    —   respectfully submitted, Queso.


Hi everyone, my name is Brie. Thanks Queso! I am not quite sure what is going on here, so I hope I am up to the task that you and the rest of the elders have given me.



Let me introduce myself. I am a lamb in the flock (For those of you who do not know, that means that I was born this year (March in fact). My mom is Zoe (she’s a real sweety!). My dad is Rhett. I never got to meet him, since he died early this year. Everyone tells he he was very special. If you knew my parents you would know that I am a colored Corriedale.

I was lucky enough to get to know Nanoo Nanoo before she left us. She did tell me a lot about her job with the flock. I just hope I can remember something of what she told me. She did have some pithy things to tell me about the old shepherd. I still have not decided about that guy, but I will let you know as I grow into this role. Once I get this job figured out a bit I will try to get back with some of the important news from this place. I look forward to making your acquaintance!


4 August 2012 –

My first big piece of news. Today all of us got to return to grazing green grass. Wow are we happy! It has been two weeks of eating stale, tasteless hay in the same place. The veterans tell me that there have been years in the past when this went on for nearly two months. I hope that I never have to go through that. Anyway…I thought I better let everyone know the good news, just in case you may have heard us whooping and cheering this morning and you were wondering what was going on here.