We are open year round for the sale of yarn. Before May 20th we are open by happenstance or by appointment

  • Sheep shearing, early March
  • Online Fleece Sale,  mid-April. Contact us to be on the mailing list for immediate updates
  • May 1st – the Bed and Breakfast opens for 2018
  • Whitefish Bay Farm Gallery opens for its regular exhibition season Friday, May 18th. Open every day except Tuesdays, from Noon to 5 PM
  • Special Gallery exhibits. Check here throughout the season for special events and shows.
  • The fiber dyeing will occur (weather permitting) into early October. The current dyeing projects are scheduled as follows: May 12th – Cosmos, May 15 – Cochineal, May 18th – Indigo Blue, May 19th – Indigo Green, May 20th Indigo Purple.
  • Gallery closes for the season after Sunday, October 21st
  • The Bed and Breakfast closes for the year October 21, 2018