A little over a month ago I posted a blog entry which, among other things, talked about a new blanket project on my loom. Since that time the weaving was completed, along with the finishing touches for the blanket. We decided that we liked the new pattern enough that we would weave another one, in a different color scheme, this time blue and gray.

Over the last couple of weeks we have received our newest supply of naturally colored yarns spun from our wool by Blackberry Ridge Woolen Mill. As a result we have a very plentiful supply of naturally colored yarn for us to use and also to offer for sale. Currently we are awaiting a new batch of white yarn, but we now have lots of yarn with which to work.

Gretchen has been weaving up a storm on her smaller rigid heddle loom. The bulk of her efforts has been directed toward weaving fabric with which to make decorative pillows. Pillows on the LoomIn the current project she is using a mix of mill spun yarn and her own hand spun yarn, in various shades of gray along with white. Below is a selection of her new pillow collection. Obviously more are on the way.

Blue Pillows

Brown and earthtone PillowsFrom time to time we hear from people who have purchased some of our yarns. In some situations we receive pictures of the objects into which the yarn was transformed. Below are some critters that Jean knitted, mostly with our yarn. She donates the creatures to a group that distributes them to children in poor families in Honduras. Here is a Hedgehog….HedgehogFollowed by a family of bunnies….Knit BunniesAnd of course, more bunnies….Two BunnisWe are thrilled and honored that our yarn could be a part of this project. Thank you Jean for your beautiful, whimsical work, along with your effort to help a good cause!