After over nine years of faithful service the grain bin finally decided to give us problems. Since the unit was used when purchased, we have no idea how many years total service it has provided.  Regardless of its age, the bin suddenly decided to refuse to deliver grain into the barn. As is usually the case with breakdowns, the weather at the time was difficult: single digit temperatures, snow with strong gusty winds. We were not able to find the problem so we eventually got an installer to visit a couple of days later when it had become yet colder.

The contrary grain bin has been repaired

Initial thoughts were that we would have to unload the entire bin. The prospect of 4 tons of grain on the ground with more snow being forecast was  not pleasant. One final hope was that the auger could be pulled from the bin without opening the bin, and that if the problem was inside the auger, repairs could be made and then the auger pressed back into the bin. As we began the disassembly it suddenly was obvious that there was a plug at the end of the auger that no one had expected. It was a condition the repair guys had never experienced. It was quickly cleaned out; the auger assembly reinstalled; the entire system was tested; everything was good as new.

The sheep have now had their grain for two nights. Peace and contentment again returns to the barn. The revolution has been avoided! With any luck we may even get our Christmas tree cut soon.