It seems to have been a long, long time since we managed to hack into the computer at Whitefish Bay Farm, so it is only appropriate that we bring you up to date with what really is going on with us. Yep, this is Brie, your official flock correspondent. It has been a long, cold winter that we have experienced. We keep hoping that it will warm up soon so that the grass will start to grow and that we can spend the day outside grazing. I will admit that the shepherds have kept us well fed and managed to keep it reasonably comfortable, especially during the worst of the winter weather. Perhaps it will help if we talk about other things  besides the weather!

My little buddy, Carolyn, has been pestering me for quite some time to tell you the latest in fashion and styles that are currently in vogue with us. Since this type of thing is not my cup of tea I am going to let Carolyn speak for herself. Take it away Carolyn!


Thanks Brie and hello everyone. My name is Carolyn and it seems that everyone thinks that I am the fashion princess in the flock. If the fleece fits, I guess you wear it! I must tell you that I am always lovely and do not have bad hair days.

Carolyn in full fleeceMy friends  in the flock and I have recently noticed much activity in the barn. Earlier this winter the old shepherd guy moved the two rams into our part of the barn with us, so that they could be warmer and also out of the way when those big hay bales came into their barn. Aries and Clancy are such hunks; we just love them. Sadly they were given their own pen separate from ours. That’s Clancy on the left and Aries next to him.Clancy and AriesA while ago the old shepherd guy was a pill and moved the two boys back into the other barn. After that he was busy cleaning out the area where their pen had been. Next thing you know he was hauling all sorts of equipment into the area. It looked very familiar; some of us guessed it was the prelude to shearing. I asked the Nice Lady what was going on and she told us we were soon all going to the Beauty Parlor.  Whichever way it was, it was agreed by most of my friends that we were happy that the shearer was coming and we would all have better hair days ahead.

When the day for shearing came many of us decided to have our pictures taken just to show you what we had to put up with with all this wool hanging around. (We also had to humor the old Grumpy Shepherd and let him gives us hugs before our turn came. But then you know he is just a pretty simple sort in his own way!) As you will be able to see, many of my friends coped with their “bad hair” in different ways. Xanadu and Warp tried the Rastafarian technique


WarpVelveeta and Viva tried using “Product” to keep their locks out of their faces. VelveetaVivaBessie was a bit more creative and tried a poofy updo, channeling perhaps James Dean, Elvis or Fabian.BessieRuby has a down do and as a result does not see well. She claims that she is the oldest member of the flock at age 14. Because of that she has no use for “Product” or styling and she will just wait for the shearer.Ruby There you have it. As you can see, most of us are in need of help with our appearance! I believe that the consensus among us is that we will soon all be opting for buzz cuts.

Thank you Brie for letting me share these important insights! Respectfully submitted by Carolyn.