If you have been following the Ewe Turn recently, you will know that we are detailing the progress of a new blanket project. When last I wrote the loom was nearly slayed.

Now that I am back, I have had time to tie the warp to the front beam of the loom. I was then able to put tension on the warp yarn, making sure that each group of yarn was tied with the same pressure. I could then try out all of the harnesses. This process is necessary, because it may reveal a threading mistake. Better to find it before weaving begins, rather than after a couple of inches have been woven. I did pretty well. I had only on threading problem, which was easily corrected. That is better than my usual average!

So here we go!

starting to weaveI have managed to weave about 2 inches. The narrow green stripe is a spacer that helps spread the warp properly. When the weaving is done it also protects the edge of the blanket until I can get it properly braided. From here on the enjoyable part begins. About 90 inches of weaving to go.