This year’s first weaving project is moving along much more smoothly than my blogging on the subject seems to be progressing. My last posting covered the first few shots on the loom, which occurred a couple of weeks ago. Since then I have been weaving steadily but not in any great haste. I neglected to document the beginning pattern (which is going to be replicated at the opposite end). Instead, here we are, a bit beyond the mid-point.

weaving in the middleI am happy with the progress and I believe that I will also be satisfied with the final product when we reach that point. The pattern is based upon basket weavings. Using yarn, instead of reeds, results in a very loose texture. Once it is washed and fulled it should feel especially soft. Here is what it looks like on the loom, close up.

pattern close-up


It has been a few days since I began this 4th chapter. I have reached the point where the pattern begins to mirror the beginning edge. (That is also a sign that I am getting nearer the end!) It is a bit tricky knowing when to begin replicating the beginning edge. I need to allow for extra yarn that will never make it through the reed, i.e. the yarn that is tied onto the back rod. In addition there must be enough extra warp yarn left that will be knotted into the fringe at the end. From that point it is necessary to know how many inches the pattern uses once it begins its mirror image.

Pattern repeat beginsI am now well past the point where the repeat begins. The first red stripe is actually about 15 inches into the repeat. It is about 17 more inches past the second red stripe to the back edge. Peeking at the back of the loom is a sure sign that progress is being made.

End in sightThe re-emergence of the knots on the rear rod and the fact that it is getting close to the heddles in the harnesses is a sure sign that the end is in sight.