White Corriedale Fleeces for Sale

  Our 2022 fleeces are all sold

Listed below are all of our white fleeces that were shorn in 2022 that are for sale. Our colored fleeces are listed on a separate page: Colored Fleeces. For instructions for ordering fleeces return to our Fleece Page.

Technical note: It may be necessary to “reload/refresh” this page on your browser to see the most recent edition, as this page will be frequently updated during the days that the fleeces are first for sale. We also know some Internet Service Providers will cache pages that you look at frequently, to give the illusion of faster download speed. To force your ISP to refresh the page, you may have to use “Shift+refresh/reload, “Crtl+refresh/reload” or “Ctrl+F5”.


SheepWeight (lbs)CharacteristicsPrice (U.S. $)
Adelaide2.88Fine - White$51.84 - SOLD
Ainsley2.63Fine - White$47.34 - SOLD
Bianca3.88Very Fine - Bright White$77.60 - SOLD
Bobbin4.38Very Fine - White$83.22 - SOLD
Bubbles5Fine - White$90.00 - SOLD
Buttons3.5Fine - Bright White$70.00 - SOLD
Clover3Very Fine - Bright White$63.00 - SOLD
Creampuff4.88Very Fine - White$97.60 - SOLD
Cricket3.38Extra Fine - White$67.60 - SOLD
Dagmar5.5Very Fine - White$104.50 - SOLD
Dorte4.13Extra Fine - Bright White$86.73 - SOLD
Ysabel3.13Very Fine - Bright White$62.60 - SOLD

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Last Updated: 10:19 CDT Wednesday 20 April 2022