Wind, cold, snow…and wind…and cold again…and again. We cannot claim to have a corner on the market for this type of weather this winter, but we have had our share, thank you.

Jan 14 snow

We have not been above freezing since before Christmas and during most of the period since then we have spent our time hovering around 0°F (-18°C). The cold has been tolerable, but the nearly constant winds tend to eventually get to you and play games with your mind. I am sure that any nisser that may have visited us around Christmas have departed. As one can see, their garden gnome statutes have been defaced (probably by trolls). It is, however, more likely that the wind is to blame for the drifting and sculpturing.

The sheep have stayed pretty comfortable during this time. It is currently impossible to open the lower half of the dutch doors that normally lead out to the pasture; the snow has drifted up to the top of the lower half of the doors. Whenever the cold weather breaks, I am faced with a mammoth shoveling task. Any current attempt is a loosing proposition. The drifting snow will move in faster than I can shovel it away.

It has been a challenge just getting to the mailbox on the road, not to mention keeping a path clear enough to get our truck out. The county road crews are finally getting caught up with plowing away the drifts. Their handiwork is evident if you can get out to the road.

snow drifts jan 14

Needless to say, it will be a while before all of the snow disappears.